Where women regain their personal power after domestic violence and abuse.

Are you here because you’ve reached that moment? It’s the one where you look at your life and want to scream, “THIS IS NOT THE LIFE I WANT TO LIVE!” Your wisdom reminds you of what you deserve –a life filled with joyful experiences where fear is not the foundation upon which you act. Precarious. I described standing in the knowledge of needing change to be precarious. I knew reaching that point was vital, and it was a position that could change rapidly with an upcoming emotionally charged anniversary. I had to act with wisdom, determination, and conviction. Only, I couldn’t accomplish what was necessary without help from a supportive network.

I found the unbiased support I needed to keep me focused on the life I decided upon while challenging me to reach beyond anxiety, grief, and fear. You deserve the same type of support and structure, too. It’s time to say goodbye to discontent, anger, guilt, an overwhelming sense of doom, a chronic sense of emptiness or despair, hopelessness, helplessness, and dwindling self-confidence.

Hello, beautiful life!

Your dream, your desires, your terms. You gain the tools to dig deep and discover your precise desires and why. Together, we uncover the motivation to keep you taking action to reach your desires and create a plan you are excited to follow.


Contact me to discuss one-on-one coaching (in-person and online). Group rates also available for women in the Casa Grande, Maricopa, Tucson, Marana, and Oro Valley areas.