Mysti Linne is a certified Life Coach, public speaker, author, founder of Women Lifting Women, and owner of WLW Network, LLC. Prior to pursuing a career empowering women and children from diverse backgrounds and rich histories, Mysti worked in the publishing and web management industries in a variety of capacities. For more than 15 years, she cherished working with bereaved parents in their quest to rebuild their lives following the most tragic of losses; a passion developed after learning how to live again following the death of her firstborn child in 2000.

Mysti’s past life, as she calls it, was a few good memories sprinkled between years of abuse beginning in her earliest memories from childhood and ending with fleeing from her abusive husband. In her journey to healing herself and her children, she found passion and purpose to aid other women and children rewrite their life stories to bring completion and peace. Through the coaching process, each person finds their personal power and control. The transformation doesn’t erase the past; it changes the way we live in the present and changes the future.

Mysti Linne studied Psychology at the University of Wyoming and is Internationally Certified with current CPD Standards diplomas and credit hours in a variety of coaching and therapeutic modalities she uses to create a thoroughly engaging, life-changing program customized to each program participant. While Mysti has studied Psychology, the program offered to students is not done as a counselor, rather as a coach understanding the mechanics of emotions and memories, the effect of trauma on the present, and how to change the impact on daily life.