Life Coaching is a confidential collaboration for creating change in your life based on your desires. It is an honest and open process where your greatest aspirations are discussed and evaluated with your current skill set, and a plan is developed to accomplish your goals. As a coach, my responsibility to you is to provide accountability, encouragement, and support to reach your desired destination. If, as you begin taking action, find yourself challenged by fear, frustration, unexpected resistance, or imbalance, we investigate why and collaborate how to navigate going forward.

Through the simplified description above, during a 3-month coaching program, you will

  • Achieve new levels of satisfaction & fulfillment
  • Grow personally & professionally
  • Identify goals
  • Develop effective action plansĀ balanced for your life
  • Instill accountability and commitment
  • Foster responsibility
  • Establish or reestablish healthy habits, behaviors, and states of being
  • Create lasting change